Corporate Relocation

Relocating new members of staff and their families to Oman can be a challenge. Sununu Muscat can deliver a complete, customised, corporate relocation solution that will ensure a successful departure to destination transition, fine tuning administrative details and reducing risk exposure within an agreed budget. As significant amounts of time and resources go into relocation we want to ensure that you see a return on your investment in the shortest period of time.

The Sununu Muscat team add value to the role of the Human Resources department and the Omani PRO since we are available outside normal working hours. We ensure that not only the employee but the family are also confident and settled in their new environment.

We offer our corporate clients all these services and we can package them together as required.

With our knowledge and experience, the Sununu Muscat team ensure that individual and group moves are coordinated and implemented. Working closely with your company, Sununu Muscat can facilitate plans to ensure a smooth relocation for your staff members and their families.

Sununu Muscat Services

Our services meet the ever evolving needs of our clients and make moving to and living in Oman as simple as possible for you and your family. From the moment you become a Sununu Muscat client, our services are available, so even as you plan your packing and removals we can help you with our pre-move consultation.

When you land in Oman, we can arrange the following services to help you with those initial steps:

Once in Oman, the services that Sununu Muscat can provide are extensive and you can read more about these in the following pages:

In addition to all of these we provide a complimentary helpline for the first two weeks of you being in Oman. Fees are calculated on a per project, daily or hourly rate.