Looking for a Home in Oman?

Many hours can be wasted looking for a home in Oman. The Sununu Muscat home search is determined by two key factors; the area where you wish to live and your budget. We will show you the various residential areas in Muscat and aim to meet your criteria. Once we have an idea of what it is you need, we will work with the best real estate agents and only short list properties that match your requirements.

A Sununu Muscat consultant will accompany you in a chauffeur-driven car to view homes which we believe have merit. It is very time effective as it avoids you having to drive in unknown territory, often in the heat of the day to find properties which may turn out to be totally unsuitable.

We will give you a snapshot of the property market in Oman and help you through the quagmire of contracts and landlord and tenant responsibilities.

Our services can include:

Additional services that we can add to the above include: